Any Recourse When Evidence Of Board Misconduct Surfaces Years Later?

Protecting Your Privacy From Corporations, The Government And You

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On advice from those attorneys, he conveniently intercepted all files from the management company, which he then took to his home and “purged.” Directors were advised “what you don’t have, you don’t have to produce.” Also Attempt to simplify California condo laws ends in confusion In preparation for depositions those same directors began creating documents and rewriting existing documents to cover up their actions while on the board. All this and more was prompted by attorneys hired by the insurance company.
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How to protect yourself from companies, government and yourself When it comes to corporations, our best defense is transparency knowing what they collect and when they collect it and access to tools that allow us to control who has access to our web history and what we do online. That includes knowing how to use private browsing tools, knowing how to delete cookies, knowing how to turn off tracking when possible, knowing how to control information collected by mobile apps, and knowing when its best to log-out of services so that they can be read used anonymously. And its not just Internet companies. Every time we use our credit cards or loyalty cards, information is being collected about our buying habits.
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