MEAIndia ‘Passport’ app beats other top apps on Apple App store

Passport Potash Issues Statement on Uralkali Announcement

This is the reason that people have fallen for it in their thousands, making it the top app on Apple App store. Ministry of External Affairs has made it abundantly clear that its latest passport app app is aimed at making the task of passport procurement, its renewal or any other issue related with passport rather very easy. To be true thus far people had to struggle hard to get even basic information about how to apply passport and get an appointment with the passport authorities. This is certainly going to be of great use to common people across the country and non resident Indians across throughout the world. MEAs Passport app is going to remain on top of Apple App store for a long time to come. If you thought that Ministry of External Affairs passport app was available only to Apple users, you are mistaken. The MEA has launched both iOS and Android version of the passport app and it has become super hit on both Android and iOS.
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Edward Snowden turned back at Moscow passport control, official says

It will be interesting to see how the management of Uralkali, whose shares were down 20%, responds to the negative reactions of its shareholders. We are of the opinion that there is still an opportunity for good projects, with talented management and excellent fundamentals, to meet the inevitable rising global demand for potash. Furthermore, the sensitivity analysis in our Preliminary Economic Assessment shows that the Holbrook Basin project would still be economically viable with a decrease in muriate of potash prices by over 30%, which would equal a drop to 300 USD per tonne. We believe that Passport’s Holbrook Basin potash project is uniquely positioned to benefit from current conditions for a number of reasons, including: It is one of the lowest Capex/Tonne greenfield potash projects in the Western Hemisphere at $780/tonne; It is one of the shallowest potash deposits in North America and in the world; It is located in a politically stable environment; It is located in one of the most friendly mining jurisdictions in the world; Infrastructure is in place: National and International shipping is available via BNSF railway which runs across the property and has available capacity; US Interstate 40 gives access to the US Interstate system; Water is on site; 995 MW Power Plant located 25 miles from the project site; There is a readily available workforce in the area. (Preliminary Economic Assessment of Passport Potash Inc., dated March 20, 2013) The actions of Uralkali caused a great deal of uncertainty in the capital markets. We remain convinced that Passport stands out amongst its peers as a promising opportunity, and we remain optimistic that when the dust settles over the next while that Passport will continue to stand out. About the Holbrook Potash Project Passport Potash Inc.
All of original article here: Passport Potash Issues Statement on Uralkali Announcement

He said it was placed in a bag as evidence. The court heard Mr Collopy subsequently died in an accident. Another key prosecution witness is April Collinss sister Lisa. She was recalled to the stand today by the defence. Brendan Nix SC asked her about a Crimecall reconstruction of Shane Geoghegans murder which was screened on RTE on November 18th 2008. He said it was very moving as the family were involved.
All of original article here: Passport Office to supply file details on Dundon to court

Passport Office to supply file details on Dundon to court

This situation is not standard for Russia. We have come across some bureaucracy, Snowdens lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, told reporters after meeting with his client in the transit zone of Moscows Sheremetyevo-2 International Airport. His documents are still being reviewed. Lets wait for some time and hope that the question will be resolved in the next few days. QUIZ: Edward Snowden trivia The Russian Federal Migration Service issued a certificate Wednesday, in effect stating that the agency was reviewing the application Snowden submitted last week seeking temporary shelter, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported. The document reportedly allows him to leave the airport transit zone where he arrived June 23 with a revoked U.S. passport, which did not allow him to legally enter Russia or board a flight elsewhere. The Federal Migration Service india visas online would not officially confirm or deny the reports. We dont have this information yet, agency spokeswoman Svetlana Gordeyeva said. Earlier this week, Kucherena told the Times that the certificate would allow Snowden to cross the Russian border and finally leave the airport transit zone. Snowden started passing through passport control, but some important documents were lacking, and he had to stay in the transit zone for at least another day, said a Federal Migration Service official, speaking on condition of anonymity. Snowden doesnt have a valid passport, and he needs a whole set of different papers to cross the border into Russia.
All of original article here: Edward Snowden turned back at Moscow passport control, official says


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